Why Wise Capital

Wise Capital Management Inc. is a leading money manager for large pension funds, and high net worth clients who deserve a more substantive wealth management program than those typically offered by brokerage firms, investment advisors, or financial planners. Our best clients are informed clients. The investment team is headed by Sam Wiseman, who has 43 years of investment experience and an outstanding uninterrupted track record of managing long term equity and risk. As we are primarily an institutional money manager, we employ high quality systems, tools, and processes.

  • Nimble: we can buy any name because of our small size and execute on average at no cost
  • Thorough: we price every stock, not missing opportunities
  • Global Perspective: synergies from managing both global and Canadian equity mandates
  • Investing our own personal capital alongside that of clients

We voluntarily have our performance verified to meet Global performance standards.

Wise Capital Management is a member of OBSI.

wise capital management staff meeting